New Book & Show On The Way

The group is putting the finishing touches to a set of twenty-six prints. They will make up the Printmakers’ 2014 book, eighth in the series, and be displayed at various shows and locations from May this year onwards. Look out for further news soon!

Printmakers 2011 Opening Day

The Lewes Printmakers’ new exhibition opened at the Linklater, and the first day brought a steady flow of visitors and sales. Many commented on the beautiful building, and how well it suited the Printmakers’ work. Some pictures:

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2011 Exhibition at the Linklater, Lewes

Details below of this year’s show in Lewes’s annual Artwave festival – visit us and visit our beautiful town! And if you have an interest in printmaking, you’ll want to make time to visit the wonderful Tom Paine Press shop in the High Street, less than ten minutes’ walk from the Linklater Pavilion. The shop also has an Artwave show featuring prints by Jonny Hannah – ‘More Junk From McVouty’s’, and creative typography from both Peter Chasseaud and John Christopher. Here’s a link to some pictures from the opening:

A New Evolution

Lewes Printmakers is the name of the group previously known as Paddock Printmakers. We’ve moved to the beautiful new Linklater Pavilion in Lewes, so we felt that a name change was appropriate.

The group will still be meeting regularly on Tuesday evenings, as well as some all-day sessions on Saturdays, and the Linklater will also be the venue for our exhibition in this year’s Lewes Artwave festival.

We’re pleased and excited with our new home, and the very warm welcome that’s been extended to us. More news will follow, as we settle in.

Tom Paine In Lewes

In 2009, the Printmakers’ very successful annual exhibition and book centred around the time Tom Paine spent in Lewes. Here are a few images, as they appear in the book. First, Caroline Chappel’s linocut and wood engraving of Catlin’s tobacconists, and the inscribed snuff mill wheel at Bull House, a collagraph by Carolyn Trant


Below is Vivian Halas’s impressive dark woodcut of Lewes Castle.


Next come ‘At His Desk’ by June Flanagan, and ‘Common Sense’ by Sasha Howard.


Finally, the present-day Friends Meeting House, also by Sasha Howard, and the earlier one, now a cottage called Old Meeting, by Carolyn Trant.


Tom Paine In Lewes – the book

Paddock Printmakers’ new book will feature 32 original prints, by eighteen members of the group. Here’s a full list of the subjects covered:

Bull House
Lewes Castle
The Barbican
Friends Meeting House
The ‘Old Meeting’ house
Westgate Chapel
River Warehouses
Cliffe Bridge
The Snuff Grinding Mill
St Michaels Church
The Bowling Green
Headstrong Club
The White Hart
Keere Street
The Old Sessions House
The Law Courts
The Market Tower
Paine Medals
Paine Bootstuds

Also included are Paine portraits, and a tribute to a well known celebratory ale!

Here’s another sneak preview – this is Carolyn Trant’s marvellous woodcut of the Westgate Chapel ante-room:

See more prints below.

Brought To Book . . .

The prints are all in from our small army, we have a running order and a draft text, and are working away at the final layout for the Printmakers’ Tom Paine book. Each print is the end product of hours of preparation and printing, and all together they’re looking absolutely wonderful!

Here’s a small taster. First is Charlotte Matthews’ collagraph of the Lewes Market Tower, where some of the many events in July’s Paine Festival will take place (see the Links page for all the details).

bmkttNext is a woodcut. This is of the long-gone Sessions House or Old Town Hall, by June Flanagan. This imposing building is believed to have stood in the middle of the High Street, between what is now the Abbey bank and Ask restaurant, and is probably the reason why the High Street is so much wider there than on the opposite side of the junction.


Below is a print by Brian White, of some very ethereal horsemen passing in front of Lewes Castle’s Barbican gatehouse. Brian has the story!

bbarhFinally an etching by Clare Dales. This is one of two Clare has made of Bull House, where Tom Paine lived during his time in Lewes.