Brought To Book . . .

The prints are all in from our small army, we have a running order and a draft text, and are working away at the final layout for the Printmakers’ Tom Paine book. Each print is the end product of hours of preparation and printing, and all together they’re looking absolutely wonderful!

Here’s a small taster. First is Charlotte Matthews’ collagraph of the Lewes Market Tower, where some of the many events in July’s Paine Festival will take place (see the Links page for all the details).

bmkttNext is a woodcut. This is of the long-gone Sessions House or Old Town Hall, by June Flanagan. This imposing building is believed to have stood in the middle of the High Street, between what is now the Abbey bank and Ask restaurant, and is probably the reason why the High Street is so much wider there than on the opposite side of the junction.


Below is a print by Brian White, of some very ethereal horsemen passing in front of Lewes Castle’s Barbican gatehouse. Brian has the story!

bbarhFinally an etching by Clare Dales. This is one of two Clare has made of Bull House, where Tom Paine lived during his time in Lewes.


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